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Main Guard Museum

The Main Guard
Palace Street
TD15 1HT

01289 304493


The Main Guard is a Georgian guard house by the Saluting Battery; it displays ‘The Story of a Border Garrison Town’ exhibition and is supported by Berwick Civic Society.

The Main Guard in Berwick originally stood on Marygate in the town centre. It consisted of the duty officer's room, a soldiers room and a central ‘lock-up'. With increased traffic through the town in 1815, the Main Guard was removed and a new building, identical to its predecessor in dimensions and function though different stylistically, was erected.  The notion that the old building was rebuilt stone-by-stone is a common misconception.  The location was moved - not the building.


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Dates & times for Main Guard Museum, Berwick-upon-Tweed

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1st June-30th September 2017

Daily (except Wed) 13:00-17:00

Closed Wed

Free entry

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Main Guard Museum

TD15 1HT

01289 304493

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