Berwick Bounds seek New Principle!

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Berwick Bounds seek New Principal!

Berwick Bounds seek New Principal!

Berwick Bounds seek New Principal!

Applications for the position of 2017 Principal are now being accepted.

To be the New Principal, you don’t have to live in Berwick and you don't have to be an expert rider!
The role is a 3 year voluntary position starting 2017 as Right Hand. The candidate needs to be someone who is passionate about Berwick and who will promote the tradition, and town, throughout the Borders, over the 3 year term.
This is an amazing opportunity that, for the right person, could lead to a lifetime of friendships and the chance to take part in some of the most historical events throughout the Borders.
The Berwick Riders Association will provide a level of financial support but you will be expected to actively fundraise with the committee.
As well as your duties in Berwick, you will be expected to visit many of our Border towns and take part in their ride outs and various traditions which are particular to their history and customs.

Due to the highly social side of the position applicants must be a minimum of 18 years old when applying.

Duties include:
•        Join and attend monthly meetings as part of the Berwick Riders Association
•        Be available to attend events (list available)
•        Be available for official photographs in the lead up to Bounds Day
•        Help to actively promote and attend Events
•        Actively seek fundraising for the three year term
•        Visit other riding towns in an official capacity, attending their introduction nights/installations, balls and ride outs
•         Principals are expected to help and support each other
•        Be mindful at all times you are a representative of the Town
•        Have Fun!

You do not need to own your own horse; in fact, the majority of Principal Riders choose to hire and, as stated, help will be given.  Likewise, it is not necessary to be an expert rider as you have time to take riding lessons, but riding experience is more than helpful.

Please contact us at berwickbounds@yahoo.co.uk to tell us why you should be the next Berwick Principal!

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